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Archive Monthly Archives: May 2016

What to Know for Penn Wharton: GMAT Scores and GPA

University of Pennsylvania Wharton Business School is a top five business school located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wharton’s diverse program is well known for its large alumni body and its e

15 Last Minute GMAT Tips to Ace the Test

There are all kinds reasons you might need last minute GMAT advice. You may be cramming for the GMAT (if that’s the case, please consider rescheduling your test!), you may want some last minute G

What’s a Good GMAT Score? The Ultimate Guide

The big question surrounding the GMAT is: what is a good GMAT score? That is a difficult question because there is no magic number that is standard for everybody. The total GMAT score ranges from 2

How to Avoid Careless Mistakes on GMAT IR

Realizing that you made a mistake at a time that is too late is frustrating, we’ve all been there. We’ve all had those moments, right? Those palm to forehead situations, the “aw man! I should

What to Know for Berkeley Haas: GMAT Scores and GPA

Business school, sunshine and west coast living are just some of the things that your experience will comprise of at Berkeley’s business school, Haas School of Business. Haas is one of Berkeley

What to Know for Harvard Business School: GMAT Scores and GPA

Harvard Business School is known for being one of the biggest names in the league of business schools. It is well known for not only its prestige and brand as a premier school but also its research

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