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Keystone Species: AP Environmental Science Crash Course Review

If you have been reviewing ecosystems for the AP Environmental Science exam, you may have run into the term keystone species. In this AP Environmental Science review and study guide, we’ll break

What is the Difference Between Genotypes and Phenotypes

Genetics is the study of heredity; this we all know. But, what is heredity? Heredity is the passing on of traits from parent to offspring. You have two parents, so you get traits from both of your

How To Calculate Gross Domestic Product For AP Macroeconomics

GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, is that term economists use to determine how well or poorly an economy is doing. That’s easy enough. It is the total combined monetary value of a society’s goods

How to Use L’Hopital’s Rule in Calculus

Throughout this article we use L’Hopital. It is important to note, that it has nothing to do with the derivative of the quotient. L’Hopital’s rule can be applied only to rational functions (f

What is Early Decision for College Applications

Do you feel completely overwhelmed by the homework for your AP classes, studying for the ACT, running your school’s student government association, working part-time, and finding a cure for cance

What are the Three Parts of a Nucleotide?

Deoxyribonucleic acid, fondly known as DNA, is a molecule in the shape of a double helix, which is responsible for storing genetic information in the cells of all living organisms. Most people know

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