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How to Use the Arc Length Formula in Differential Equations

In this article we will take an old formula, the formula for arc length of curves in the plane, and adapt it for use with vector functions in 3 dimensions. We begin with a brief review of the arc l

The Ultimate List of AP Chemistry Practice Questions

Collecting your study materials for a class as big as AP Chemistry can feel almost as intimidating as mastering chemistry itself. Here at, we much prefer that AP Chem students spend their study

Meet the Albert Team: Priya

Name: PriyaJob Title: School Success AssociateHometown: Bloomfield Hills, MISchool: Michigan State University What do you do at Albert?My job is to help schools with anything and everything they

Inverse Laplace Transforms: A Differential Equations Review

Laplace transforms are important tools for us to use when solving linear differential equations. The Laplace transform is a relation of the form – As we can see, the Laplace transformation co

35 Frequently Tested AP World History Terms & Concepts

AP World History can be a tough nut to crack. How do you cover tens of thousands of years of history that have spanned all peoples and places across the entire globe? Even reading this question sou

How to Study for AP US History

The AP US History exam can seem pretty overwhelming! There’s a lot of material to go through and master, and it can be hard to make a plan to study the APUSH exam. Fortunately, there’s help

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