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Defining Laplace Transformations in Differential Equations

Laplace transformations are one of the most powerful tools for solving linear differential equations with constant coefficients. In these notes, we’ll review basic properties of Laplace trans

Is AP Spanish Literature Hard?

If you’ve been taking Spanish all throughout high school, you might be wondering about the AP Spanish class AP Spanish Literature and Culture. If you are considering taking Spanish in college, or

5 Ways to Tackle the AP Microeconomics Free Response

To most students, the AP Microeconomics free response seems like an unintelligible mess of graphs, charts, and words. As there are only 60 minutes to complete three complex problems, many students

How to Calculate Medians: AP Statistics Review

Dealing with the stats part of the AP Statistics exam can be intimidating enough on its own, but on top of that, you are probably discovering that there’s enough confusing vocabulary to make your

Key Assumptions of OLS: Econometrics Review

While OLS is computationally feasible and can be easily used while doing any econometrics test, it is important to know the underlying assumptions of OLS regression. This is because a lack of knowl

How to Find Authentic Texts Online when Preparing for the AP French Exam

French reading practice can be tough to take on, especially if the review in class doesn’t make you feel fully prepared. But as much as preparing for college, and taking an entire class to prepar

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