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5 Essentials You Can’t Leave Home Without on AP Test Day |

5 Essentials You Can’t Leave Home Without on AP Test Day

The last thing you want to on the day of your AP test is to forget something that you need. Lessen your stress about the test by making sure you have everything prepared the night before so you aren’t rushing around in the morning. Below is everything you will need to do your best!

1. Pack Extra Pencils and Pens.

It might seem like common sense, but take some time to make sure you have enough pencils and pens to make it through the test, even if some of them run out of ink. The last thing you want to do is to take time away from your test by having to ask a test proctor for replacements. Other items, like erasers, are also important to remember to make sure you are prepared for the test. Double check to make sure that you have everything before you leave in the morning.

2. Bring Water and Snacks.

You might not be able to eat in the testing room, but the tests are long. Having a snack in the hallway will help you to refocus and finish out the rest of the exam. Healthy snacks like fruit and granola bars will satisfy your hunger without giving you a crash from sugar later or a foggy feeling from something like chips. It’s always better to snacks and water to be prepared just in case!

3. Remember Any Specialized Materials That You Might Need for a Specific Test.

For example, if you are taking a math test, if you are allowed to use your calculator, it could cause a major problem if you don’t bring one. This also applies to what you are not allowed to have in the testing room. Don’t bring any papers that could be mistaken for a cheat sheet into the testing room, and make sure to turn off your cell phone or laptop to ensure they don’t make any noise. Double check with your teacher to see what you will need to bring.

4. Bring Your Well-Rested Self From a Full Eight Hours of Sleep!

A good’s night’s sleep is essential to a 5 on the test, no matter which exam you are taking. I know how tempting it is to cram the night before the test, but you probably won’t learn anything new in those few hours. It is better to trust that you learned enough during the school year and get enough rest so you are in peak condition.

5. The Last Thing You Need is a Positive Attitude.

If you think you will do well on the test, if will help you to get a higher score in the end. Thinking positively will help you to not panic during the test and to answer the questions to the best of your ability. You worked hard during the school year to prepare for this day, just believe in yourself!

Making sure you have these essentials will ensure that your test goes smoothly and that you get your best possible score. Good luck on the exam, you will do great!

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