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Design Overhaul: Course Library

Today, Albert gets a major facelift. Our Course Library is now organized into two categories: High School Core and High School Test Prep. High School Test Prep includes our AP, SAT, and ACT products. And High School Core contains our flagship products aligned to Common Core and NGSS across reading, writing, and math. With High School Core, Albert now serves the needs of all core academic areas in grades 7-12 with innovative course designs and thousands of original practice items.


When we started Albert almost five years ago, our intent was to create a great test prep product for individual students. Since then, Albert has become much more focused on solving the instructional challenges of teachers. As such, we realized that in order to serve the greatest number of teachers, we needed to be much more than a test prep product.

Today’s update reflects our long-standing product goal: to bring personalized learning to classrooms across the world with innovative content solutions that emphasize differentiation and quality real-time feedback. We have been fortunate to be able to work in close proximity with hundreds of the country’s best educators in developing our curriculum and content items for High School Core. They have been critical partners in the development of our content library, which now includes over 80,000 original practice items with comprehensive explanations across 23 subjects.

If you are an educator in grades 7-12, we would love to hear from you to see if Albert can help you achieve better student outcomes. Please send us a demo request or send us a message at We look forward to hearing from you!

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