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Feature announcement: Full-length practice exams

We are excited to announce the release of a major feature milestone on Albert: Full-length, simulated practice exams. This is a product milestone for us for two reasons: 1) As a test prep company, a lack of full-length exams has been a major gap in our product offering s, and 2) it brings our product development journey full-circle.

To elaborate on the second point: when Albert used to be Learnerator, the first feature we built was full-length, timed practice exams. But those exams were a big commitment for users who had no other meaningful way to interact with the product. It turns out, full-length exams were good for end-of-school review cramming and review, but not at all useful for ongoing practice and assessment. So we unbundled and reorganized these exam questions into topics, subtopics, and themes to be used as practice in respective courses. This model was a lot more popular with teachers and students because they could tackle difficult practice in bite-sized chunks.

We then expanded by adding more questions in more subjects. With this approach, we were able to gain momentum, grow our our user base, and help more students achieve academic success.  Access to tons of practice questions was a great supplement to AP classrooms, but eventually we heard from our users that they wanted more. They wanted that initial first feature of timed, full-length exams to complement the unstructured, free practice that came to define our product. So, we re-built the code base from Learnerator to Albert to be able to support both.

Nearly three years later, we have delivered on this vision. For this initial launch, the following subjects have full-length exam simulations:

  • AP Biology: 1 exam
  • AP Chemistry: 3 exams
  • AP Comparative Government: 1 exam
  • AP English Language: 2 exams
  • AP English Literature: 2 exams
  • AP Environmental Science: 1 exam
  • AP European History: 2 exams
  • AP Human Geography: 1 exam
  • AP Micro: 1 exam
  • AP Macro: 1 exam
  • AP Physics 1: 1 exam
  • AP Psychology: 2 exams
  • AP Statistics: 1 exam
  • AP US Government: 1 exam
  • AP US History: 2 exams
  • AP World History: 2 exam

We are still hard at work adding more exams for all of these subjects and eventually, all of our test prep subjects. Please stay tuned for more exciting features and practice exams to be released!

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