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The Albert Blog

Albert's test prep courses offer 70,000+ rigorous, aligned questions written in the style of the AP, SAT, and ACT exams. Students will gain exposure to engaging and rigorous content, master critical thinking skills, and clarify common misconceptions using our detailed explanations.

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Who were the Grimke Sisters? AP US History Study Guide

The Grimke sisters were pioneers of women’s rights and abolitionism. Both of these topics are must-knows for the AP US History exam. This AP US History study guide follows their story, but also p

How the AP Computer Science Principles Course Provides Teachers Flexibility

Most students who sign up for AP Computer Science do so because they love computers or they love programming. These students feel right at home in the course because they get a comprehensive overv

Rules of Logarithms: A Comprehensive Algebra Review

Logarithmic functions have several important algebraic properties. Logarithm rules (sometimes shorten as log rules) are the instructions on how to perform algebraic manipulations with logarithmic

Federalist Number 10: AP US History Crash Course Review

It’s no question that the Founding Fathers played an important role in American history. When it comes to the people who did so much for the founding of our nation, how can you keep track of ever

What “Science Practices” Mean for AP Chemistry Students

In 2013, with the introduction of a new exam, the AP Chemistry community was tossed in a new direction (or so it would seem). Content standards were replaced with Big Ideas, Enduring Understanding

How to Apply Power Reducing Formulas in Trigonometry

Power reducing formulas are formulas where powers of trigonometric functions change to linear combinations of trigonometric functions without any powers. Work through a variety of examples of power