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The Albert Blog

Albert's test prep courses offer 70,000+ rigorous, aligned questions written in the style of the AP, SAT, and ACT exams. Students will gain exposure to engaging and rigorous content, master critical thinking skills, and clarify common misconceptions using our detailed explanations.

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Everything You Need to Understand about the APUSH DBQ Rubric

The dreaded Document Based Question. Here lies the bane of almost every AP US History student. If you’ve been doing this right, these three letters—DBQ—should send shutters down your spin

Afferent vs. Efferent: What’s the Difference? AP Psych Crash Course Review

The AP Psychology course covers 14 key topics and fields of study in psychology, and the AP exam will test your knowledge of all of them. It can be exhausting to process all the information expecte

Pendleton Act: AP US History Crash Course Review

The creation of the Pendleton Act in 1883 marked a new era for the US government. It changed how politicians gained access to public office and became a symbol of a non-corrupt government—moments like

The German Tank Problem Explained: AP Statistics Review

The German Tank Problem is a famous statistical problem that helped the Allied Forces during World War II, and can help you with your AP Statistics review. Statisticians use estimators when dealing

9 ACT English Tips to Get Your 36

Has someone told you that the ACT English test only requires common sense? Do you just plan on buying a review book to study with? Think again! The ACT English test is not as easy as many people th

How to Solve Partial Fractions in Multivariable Calculus

Do you need help wrapping your head around partial fractions? Below we present an introduction to partial fractions and how they relate to multivariable calculus.

Partial fractions are a way