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Types of Graphs to Know for the Science Section of the ACT

The ACT Science section is easily perceived as one of the most intimidating parts of the ACT exam. With 7 passages and numerous charts, graphs, and tables to interpret, and less than 6 minutes per

101 ACT Science Vocabulary Words You Should Know

ACT Science is all about getting the maximum number of questions right in a relatively short period. Having a strong vocabulary helps a lot in improving your understanding of the questions and redu

How Much Does the ACT Cost? Everything You Need to Know about Exam Fees

Are you ready to take the ACT test, but unsure about how much the test will cost you, your parents, or your guardian? Do not stress out—we are here to give you everything you need to know about t

9 Must-Know ACT Math Topics

At first glance, the ACT Math section seems overwhelming. It will test you on formulas and theorems from pre-algebra, algebra and geometry, concepts that you might not have practiced since freshman

How to Get a 36 on ACT Reading: The Ultimate Guide

So, you are finally here, staring your destiny in the face. You have finally taken the leap. The challenge beckoned, and you have answered: you have decided that you want to achieve a perfect score

How to Get a 36 on ACT Math: The Ultimate Guide

We’ll discuss how the ACT Math section is structured, how you can maximize your study time, how you can take advantage of hidden tips and tricks for a higher score, and how you can tackle each qu

How to Get a 36 on ACT Science: The Ultimate Guide

This guide exists to prepare you for the rigors of the ACT Science test and help answer the question “How to get a 36 on ACT Science?” Dive in for an in-depth overview of the test and k

How to Get a 36 on ACT English: The Ultimate Guide

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of your fire alarm. The siren is blaring through the house with a high-pitched beeping noise. You jump from your bed and start towards the

7 Must-Know Grammar Skills for ACT English

The English language contains more than three hundred grammar rules. How on earth will you remember them all for the ACT English exam? Good news: At first glance, the ACT English section may seem d

12 Steps to a 12: ACT Plus Writing

Even with the right ACT test prep, taking the test is exhausting. After 45 minutes of English, 1 hour of math, 35 minutes of reading and 35 minutes of science, must of us are pretty fried. After al

How to Study for the ACT: 15 Ways to Prepare

As you know, the ACT is an exam designed to test what you’ve learned and the skills you’ve acquired throughout your many years in school. That means you’re going to face a lot of

9 ACT English Tips to Get Your 36

Has someone told you that the ACT English test only requires common sense? Do you just plan on buying a review book to study with? Think again! The ACT English test is not as easy as many people th