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Tag Archives for "AP English Language"

The Ultimate List of AP English Language Tips

The AP Language and Composition exam tests your ability to not only read content, but also to analyze what you have read and draw conclusions to present in an argument. The test consists of two par

AP English Language Score Calculator

Are you looking for an AP English Language score calculator? Look no further. Learn how you would do on AP English Language by using the interactive tool below. Need extra help in preparing for AP English

The Ultimate Guide to 2012 AP English Language FRQs

In no time, it’ll be here. Will you be ready? The AP English Language and Composition exam is tough but not impossible. Sure, you must study hard and write as many essays as possible to succeed,

2 on AP English Language: How to Retake, Improve, and Pass the Exam

If you got a 2 on the AP English Language exam, you’re in good company. Though the number of students opting to take AP exams is on the rise, the number of students that actually “pass” seems

The Ultimate Guide to 2014 AP English Language FRQs

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get the best score possible on the AP English Language exam? In this guide we have compiled the do’s and don’ts of the 2014 AP Language test to provi

The Ultimate Guide to 2013 AP English Language FRQs

In this guide we have compiled the do’s and don’ts of the 2013 AP English Language FRQ section, to provide you with the best information to conquer the exam. As you prepare for the exam, ke

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