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Tag Archives for "AP Human Geography"

The Ultimate List of AP Human Geography Tips

Do you want to score a 4 or 5 on your AP Human Geography exam? If the answer is “yes,” you’re probably wondering how you can prepare and study for the exam. You’re also probably overwhelmed

What’s the Difference Between Site and Situation in AP Human Geography

Almost half of the world’s population live in cities, and the urban population is growing much faster than the rural population. This mass migrating into cities and urban areas is a good reas

How to Approach AP Human Geography Multiple-Choice Questions

One of the biggest mistakes that AP test-takers can make is overconfidence, and the place that you are most likely to be overconfident is on multiple choice questions. This issue is especially true

How to Learn AP Human Geography Vocab

Often times you think of learning vocabulary as a memorization drill. This is a huge a misconception. Learning vocabulary has more to do with understanding the meaning of a word and improving your

How to Study for AP Human Geography

If you are reading this article, then either you are researching whether AP Human Geography is a class that interests you or are trying to figure out where to start studying for the course. Fortuna