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Tag Archives for "AP Multiple Choice Strategies"

How to Approach AP Psychology Multiple-Choice Questions

Psychology is a fascinating area of study and is often not given enough credit when it comes to the complexities of the subject. Whether you are considering psychology as a major in your future col

How to Approach AP US Government Multiple-Choice Questions

AP US Government can be one of the hardest classes a high school student takes. Since the exam is notoriously difficult, why do students make it even harder by neglecting multiple choice questions?

How to Approach AP Microeconomics Multiple-Choice Questions

The AP Microeconomics exam is different from most in that most students don’t take the class for it before taking the exam. Your AP Macroeconomics teacher probably offered you supplementary extra

How to Approach AP Chemistry Multiple-Choice Questions

The AP Exam is often a source of trepidation for many high school students. Let’s be honest: three hours of wracking your brain, recalling facts from an entire year’s worth of information isn

How to Approach AP Macroeconomics Multiple-Choice Questions

The AP Macroeconomics exam is one of the most commonly-taken AP exams in the United States, mainly due to the fact that macroeconomics is a required part of a high school student’s curriculum. Yo

How to Approach AP Biology Multiple-Choice Questions

Many students become stressed and nervous on hearing these words. Three hours of wracking your brain, recalling facts from an entire year of information. While the AP Biology Exam certainly is a bi

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