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Tag Archives for "AP Statistics"

The Ultimate List of AP Statistics Tips

If you’re taking AP Statistics this year, you’re probably in the midst of learning the material and constantly studying. But what exactly should you be learning? What can you expect to see on t

Describing Distributions in AP Statistics

Describing distributions is one of the key skills you’ll need to earn a high score on the AP Statistics exam. If you need proof of this, just flip through some past exam questions, which can be f

Is AP Statistics Hard?

So you are thinking about taking AP Statistics, and you are wondering how much work it will be. Or maybe you’ve already signed up and you’re wondering what you’ve gotten yourself

How to Calculate Medians: AP Statistics Review

Dealing with the stats part of the AP Statistics exam can be intimidating enough on its own, but on top of that, you are probably discovering that there’s enough confusing vocabulary to make your

How to Calculate Means: AP Statistics Review

Means, medians, modes—oh my! AP Statistics is all about the numbers, but the first step to getting the math right is understanding the terms that go along with it. One of the most basic and impor

Z-score Calculations & Percentiles in a Normal Distribution: AP Statistics

As one of the core skills in AP Statistics, z-score calculations require you to combine much of what is covered in the first half of the course. Use this AP Statistics review to be sure you underst

How to Calculate Ranges: AP Statistics Review

Statistics has a habit of taking words that we know and love, and turning them into something else completely. Take the range, for example. While this term may make you think of the old tune “Hom

How to Study for AP Statistics

So what is the AP Statistics Exam all about? Here at, we’ve got everything you need to feel completely confident. In this review, you’ll read about what the AP Statistics Exam is like

Standard Deviation: AP Statistics Crash Course Review

Standard deviation is used to test variability in statistics by calculating the average distance from the mean of all the values in a data set. Another way to think of it is to ask, “How much do

3 Ways to Approach AP Statistics Free Response Questions

At first glance, the free response questions (FRQ’s) may seem like the most intimidating part of the AP Statistics exam. Essay questions on a math test?

The FRQ section consists of five s

The German Tank Problem Explained: AP Statistics Review

The German Tank Problem is a famous statistical problem that helped the Allied Forces during World War II, and can help you with your AP Statistics review. Statisticians use estimators when dealing